·         Aetna Better Health of WV ·         Align Network
·         Benefit Assistance ·         BrickStreet Mutual
·         Blue Cross Blue Shield ·         MedRisk EPO
·         Humana ·         Sedgewick
·         Medicare
·         UMWA Health & Retirement
·         Unicare Health
·         WV Family Health

Q:  How much is personal training?
Personal training is $20 per session or a package of 5 sessions for $80 (5th session is FREE)

Q:  Does my insurance cover my gym membership?
A:  Many insurance companies are realizing the benefits of a pro-active, healthy lifestyle and through partnerships with PRIME Fitness  are offering FREE or partially paid gym memberships.  Ex: Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield, PEIA & more.   Feel free to give us a call or bring your insurance card in and we'll see if you qualify for a free or reduced membership. 
Q:  Do you offer any discounts?
A:  YES – senior, military, student and discounted plans for 3month, 6month & annual memberships.

Q:  Do you accept SilverSneakers?
AYES – other senior programs include Active + Fit and Optum/AARP.

Q:  What kind of music do you play?
A:  Primarily everyone listens to his or her own music with headphones. Aerobic instructors provide music styles specific to their classes.

Q:  Are therapy sessions one-on-one?

Q:  Do you offer yoga?
A:  YES – we offer Yoga classes on Tuesday & Thursday mornings & Friday evening.  We also offer a senior Yoga Monday & Friday mornings. 

Q:  Do you have showers and saunas?
A:  YES – both men & women have their own lockers & showers and there is a co-ed sauna. 

Q:  Are gym towels provided?
A:  YES – both gym and bath towels are available for use at no charge.

Q:  Do you offer Zumba classes?
A:  Our “MIXfit” class is the same salsa/Latin inspired style.

Q:  Do I have to sign a contract?
A:  NO – term commitments are not required. Cost is $5 daily (pay per use).

Q:  Do you offer massages?
A:  YES – our licensed PT staff schedules massages at $60 per hour / $30 per ½ hour sessions.

Q:  Does A Place to Heal, Inc. offer dry needling?

Frequently Asked Questions~

Please email us with any questions you may have that are not answered here:

106 W Main St. Sophia, WV  25921

PH: 304.683.6123

FAX: 304.683.6127

Please bring your insurance card and stop by.  We will help you determine what benefits you may have and  find your most cost effective plan!

  MONTHLY 3 MONTH 6 MONTH ANNUAL Daily (pay per use) $5
(includes use of all amenities & fitness classes)
Single: $35 $95 $195 $380
Military: $26.50 $71.50 $143 $280 Personal Training (per session) $20
Senior: $26.50 $71.50 $143 $280 Personal Training 5 Session Package $80
(5th session is FREE)
Student: $26.50 $71.50 $143 $280
*Family: $53 $143 $290 $572 NOTE:
Additional $30 New Member Initiation Fee
charged first month)
Includes a FREE fitness consult!
*Corporate: $53 $143 $290 $572
*additional fee: $17.67 $48 $91 $176
*Family and corporate rates above are based on no more than 3 persons.
For each additional member an additional fee is incurred (examples below):
Family of 4: $70.67 $191 $381 $748
5 Person Corporate: $88.34 $239 $472 $924




Call Us !


Q:  What are your hours of operation?
AWe are pleased to offer newly extended hours in response to client request as follows-

  • Monday thru Friday - 7am to 8pm
  • Saturdays - 9am to 12pm
  • Sunday - CLOSED

Q:  Do you offer anything for kids?
A:  Yes, we love it when children come to the gym to be active and healthy. Your child is welcome to attend and participate with your supervision.  A release of liability, which explains the rules and guidelines, is required. We do not offer daycare and children are not allowed to be left unattended in aerobics class, gym or lobby areas. 

Do you offer family rates?
A:  YES - See membership rates below.

Q:  How much are your gym memberships?

Q:  Do you offer medical massage?
A:YES - insurance paid massage is offered through physical therapy.

Q:  After I've completed physician ordered physical therapy, can I continue the regimen and use of the gym services?  Will someone still assist me?
A:  YES - once your therapy is completed we offer personal training services and gym memberships.  Our personal training services will allow you to continue working one-on-one with a staff member.  If you'd prefer to bring a family member with you for assistance and support, we'll be happy to provide them with instructions.  See associated fees here.

Q:  What is dry needling?
Dry Needling PT treats musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions as deemed appropriate by your physical therapist. It is NOT acupuncture. Only sterile disposable “very fine” filament needles are used.  The needle is inserted through the skin and into the deeper tissues that are considered trigger points to your pain providing an environment that enhances the body’s ability to heal which ultimately reduces pain. Additional details available here.

Q:  What types of insurance do you accept?

A:  A Place to Heal, Inc. is in network and participating with many worker's compensation plans, medicare,  private and employer paid health insurance plans, and their various programs that provide free and reduced gym memberships.  

Q:  What is the process of PT treatment? 

A:  Your physician is usually your beginning steps to receiving physical therapy (PT) services.  This allows our facility to bill your insurance for PT.   We accept and are in network with many providers (some more common ones are listed below); although, we DO accept private pay treatments which do not require a physicians order (our private pay rates are usually adjusted for the time spent at $1/minute).   All of these sessions need to be scheduled with our facility so please call with any further inquiries.   Once scheduled our experienced licensed physical therapist will perform an evaluation and set up an individualized treatment plan for you.   There will be an agreed upon plan of care and your future appointments will be scheduled.